Is being a Girl curse,
Our Life being made Worse,
Why everyone wants a Son,
Daughter being Unholy One???

We are silenced from Birth,
Which gives no one any Mirth,
We are unwanted Guests,
In our own Mother’s Nest!!!

We have no Rights to Education,
We fear our own Reflection,
Being Servants is are Fate,
Our life is miserable State!!!

Married off at Young Age,
Girl is put in another Cage,
Where Her family expects Wealth,
Which escapes Law’s Stealth???

In land where,We worship Shakti,
There is only more Laxmi’s Bhakti,
We call our country Motherland,
Then why is Woman always in Remand???

When will Man Understand,
That his Wife is like his right Hand,
When will Man respect Her,
Without whom,His life will be all Blur!!!

When will We gain That Respect,
When We won’t be harassed Sect,
Will that day ever Come,
When all superstitions will be Dumb???

When being a Girl won’t be curse,
When Our Life won’t Be Adverse,
When Everyone will want not just the Son,
Where Daughter will be most welcome!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian