Whenever anyone asks me what was the best and the worst moments in your life….The answer always zeroes down to the same place….Yes,the best moments in my life were spent in my School….the worst moment in my life was when I had grown up so old…that I could no longer go to school….I know normally kids hate school…They get all sorts of ailments and aches only on Monday’s when they have to go back to school after weekend holiday….But I was bit abnormal….I just hated holidays…. and could not wait to go back to school….School was like my first home…..my teachers and friends my family!!!!

It has been almost 8 years since I left the safe confines of my school to enter this competitive world….where everyone was in hurry….I felt dizzy on stepping into this world….More than the peer pressure it was the sudden change in my world that made me feel very uncomfortable!!!…..Yes,I just could not comprehend the fact that from a place where School Teachers went to great extents to make sure that we were comfortable in our own space….I was suddenly pushed into a (OUTER) space where Professors were least bothered about our existence….So,the friendly approach was amiss and I wished I could just ran back HOME ( read School 😦 )….I don’t know how many of you really miss your school days….But I do miss them alot…and so Today’s post is about all those lovely moments I spent in my School!!!

I still remember the first day in school….It’s usual tradition that kids cry alot on getting separated from their parents….But my class was bit different….I really don’t remember anyone of us crying….Because there was little slide in the corner of our L.K.G class…..So on entering the classroom,instead of crying we all get busy with taking turns on the slide….Those were some careless days….No worries…Learning alphabets and numbers was no big deal….Although the best part was shouting our lungs out while telling the poetry rhymes,to volumes all tuned up 😉 (So that we could offend the teacher so much that for the rest of day she would just leave us in peace)….Personally my favorite time was always spent in little sand garden that we had opposite to our canteen….The garden had slides,merry-go-round and other play stuffs….Everyday after-school time was allotted to this garden….The most funny part was to push the person siting in front of you from the slide….So that they would land head on straight into the sands (No offense meant….We were kids right 😉 )….

Wish I could become kid again...play on slides and merry-go-around like before!!!

We just didn’t realize how soon time flew past and two years down the line we all were in Primary Section….Promoted….To our next level of Mischief :)….I still remember that day very vividly….We were in 2nd standard and our Class Teacher was absent…..So two of our seniors had been called in to keep our class in control….Honestly they did try their best….But I told you that we were from a different breed….We seldom listened to teachers (so listening to seniors was out of question)….So in final attempt both of them scared us by telling us stories of our next year’s Class teacher Mrs.Parekh….We had already heard alot about her….But whatever our seniors told us….seriously scared us all the more….One more year passed on….and we were face to face with the ghost of our life-Mrs.Parekh (No,I’m not calling her a Ghost because of the amount of make-up that she applied ;))….Although we were scared of her for a month or so….We could not keep quite for long…..within three months time….We drove her up the wall….By the time our first semester ended….She was so harassed trying to keep our class under control….that either daily she had to take pain killers for headache or she would actually take half day leave and run off home 😉 (But still we were kids right 😉 )…..

Seriously we were the naughtiest batch in the entire school….and we were actually proud of it!!!….I still remember all that fun….Sneaking around the corridors….playing in the rains and watching our play ground turn into swimming pool and stealing mangoes from the Mango Tree in our school garden….We did it all….One more incident that I can never forget is what i call “The Rat’s Day Out”….Our Science Teacher Mrs.Kamath was taking our class(I know this may sound rude….but we were all sleeping as always)

Backbench was my favorite place....Best place to sleep!!!!

When suddenly someone from the corner of the class screamed “Eekkkksss….There a rat here “…..So we all jumped on our bench-tops….more shouting and screaming followed….Somehow Kamath Miss convinced us all and made us sit st our places so that she could take her class……But we were not in mood to listen….So we all put our great minds to use and in perfect co-ordination….started the RAT hoopla again….Every 5 minutes someone would shout that there is rat here…and there….Finally Kamath Miss got all pissed off….and called the peon…The class was vacated and the peons went on RAT HUNT (Like treasure hunt)….Finally after 15 minutes,the peon caught the rat and threw it out of the window….Kamath Miss heaved a sigh of relief….But the moment we stepped inside the class the bell rang….WE ALL HEAVED A SIGH OF RELIEF ;)….

Well….when you fool around with Teachers it’s understandable….But when you do the same with the School principal…You have guts….Ya,sure guts we had!!!!….We were in 10th Standard,when our Principal out of respect for Class teacher(and actually our Class Teacher was the only person in whole school whom we were afraid of) decided to take History Classes for us (Normally Principal never took classes)….So there we were…The naughtiest class in school siting in the classroom and trying hard to act decent in front of the Principal of the School….Actually for week we did succeed in doing that….But then we got bored acting so nice….More than we were frustrated by the way,our Principal taught….She had peculiar style of teaching….Everyday she would revise whatever she taught the day before and then start afresh…So ultimately what happened was that even after a week…We just stuck with the 1857 revolution which had started a week back…Then one day we observed that when one of our classmates was coughing….Madam would stop until He stopped coughing….There,our devil brains started working again…So from the next day began our daily ritual of COUGHING our heart’s way out 😉 After-all we were kids !!!….Our Principal tried to adjust for week with our persistent sneezing…But ultimately she complained to our Class teacher (Imagine a School Principal complaining to the Teacher that Students don’t let her teach 😉 )….So the next day,Our Teacher got us Halls tablets and distributed it in the whole class….Warned us all that we should not catch Cold 😉

I met my life friends in my school....The best feeling in the world!!!

There are so many memories that bring back smiles and tears that this one post would not suffix…So there are definitely  many more post to follow where I’ll share all those funny but the best moments of my Life….spent at my most favorite place in this world…MY SCHOOL…..I don’t know about my future….But wherever I go….However far away…..No one can steal these moments from me 🙂 !!!

Even today when I look out of the window during the rains....All I wish for is my School Days!!!!