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The Liebster Blog Award

Dreams are the most important part of our life….There is no one alive who doesn’t dream….This is inspiration for my blog….My dreams and the pursuit to follow and achieve them….So, It was early morning surprise for me when I saw the notification from my dear friend- blogger Zahir of “The Tale Of My Heart” that He had nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award….Its great honor….So,a big “THANK YOU” for giving me this award!!!…..

 This Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, all in the spirit of fostering new connections. 

Leibster is German & means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favorite’ & the idea of the Leibster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers and I decided that I should definitely write a post about it & pass the award on to 5 or more bloggers.

The Rules are:

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

The names below and the one in Blog Roll all worth more So here I will just go random pick give it to:

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Enjoy and have Great Week Ahead!!!!


Steve Jobs leans against his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs

For all of his years in the spotlight at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs in many ways remains an inscrutable figure — even in his death. Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer — a disease that ultimately,at the age of 56.

While the CEO and co-founder of Apple steered most interviews away from the public fascination with his private life, there’s plenty we know about Jobs the person, beyond the Mac and the iPhone. If anything, the obscure details of his interior life paint a subtler, more nuanced portrait of how one of the finest technology minds of our time grew into the dynamo that we remember as of today.

1. Early life and childhood
Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. He was adopted shortly after his birth and reared near Mountain View, California by a couple named Clara and Paul Jobs. His adoptive father — a term that Jobs openly objected to — was a machinist for a laser company and his mother worked as an accountant.

Later in life, Jobs discovered the identities of his estranged parents. His birth mother, Joanne Simpson, was a graduate student at the time and later a speech pathologist; his biological father,Abdulfattah  John Jandali, was a Syrian Muslim who left the country at age 18 and reportedly now serves as the vice president of a Reno, Nevada casino. While Jobs reconnected with Simpson in later years, he and his biological father remain estranged.

2. College dropout

Reed college

The lead mind behind the most successful company on the planet never graduated from college, in fact, he didn’t even get close. After graduating from high school in Cupertino, California — a town now synonymous with 1 Infinite Loop, Apple’s headquarters — Jobs enrolled in Reed College in 1972. Jobs stayed at Reed (a liberal arts university in Portland, Oregon) for only one semester, dropping out quickly due to the financial burden the private school’s steep tuition placed on his parents.

In his famous 2005 commencement speechto Stanford University, Jobs said of his time at Reed: “It wasn’t all romantic. I didn’t have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends’ rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5 cent deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the seven miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple.”

3. Fibbed to his Apple co-founder about a job at Atari
Jobs is well known for his innovations in personal computing, mobile tech, and software, but he also helped create one of the best known video games of all-time. In 1975, Jobs was tapped by Atari to work on the Pong-like game Breakout.

Breakout for the Atari

He was reportedly offered $750 for his development work, with the possibility of an extra $100 for each chip eliminated from the game’s final design. Jobs recruited Steve Wozniak (later one of Apple’s other founders) to help him with the challenge. Wozniak managed to whittle the prototype’s design down so much that Atari paid out a $5,000 bonus — but Jobs kept the bonus for himself, and paid his unsuspecting friend only $375, according to Wozniak’s own autobiography.

4. The wife he leaves behind
Like the rest of his family life, Jobs kept his marriage out of the public eye. Thinking back on his legacy conjures images of him commanding the stage in his trademark black turtleneck and jeans, and those solo moments are his most iconic. But at home in Palo Alto, Jobs was raising a family with his wife, Laurene, an entrepreneur who attended the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton business school and later received her MBA at Stanford, where she first met her future husband.

For all of his single-minded dedication to the company he built from the ground up, Jobs actually skipped a meeting to take Laurene on their first date: “I was in the parking lot with the key in the car, and I thought to myself, ‘If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman?’ I ran across the parking lot, asked her if she’d have dinner with me. She said yes, we walked into town and we’ve been together ever since.”

In 1991, Jobs and Powell were married in the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite National Park, and the marriage was officiated by Kobin Chino, a Zen Buddhist monk.

5. His sister is a famous author
Later in his life, Jobs crossed paths with his biological sister while seeking the identity of his birth parents. His sister, Mona Simpson (born Mona Jandali), is the well-known author of Anywhere But Here — a story about a mother and daughter that was later adapted into a film starring Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon.

After reuniting, Jobs and Simpson developed a close relationship. Of his sister, he told a New York Times interviewer: “We’re family. She’s one of my best friends in the world. I call her and talk to her every couple of days.” Anywhere But Here is dedicated to “my brother Steve.”

6. Celebrity romances

Joan Baez

In The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, an unauthorized biography, a friend from Reed reveals that Jobs had a brief fling with folk singer Joan Baez. Baez confirmedthe the two were close “briefly,” though her romantic connection with Bob Dylan is much better known (Dylan was the Apple icon’s favorite musician). The biography also notes that Jobs went out with actress Diane Keaton briefly.

7. His first daughter
When he was 23, Jobs and his high school girlfriend Chris Ann Brennan conceived a daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs. She was born in 1978, just as Apple began picking up steam in the tech world. He and Brennan never married, and Jobs reportedly denied paternity for some time, going as far as stating that he was sterile in court documents. He went on to father three more children with Laurene Powell. After later mending their relationship, Jobs paid for his first daughter’s education at Harvard. She graduated in 2000 and now works as a magazine writer.

8. Alternative lifestyle
In a few interviews, Jobs hinted at his early experience with the psychedelic drug LSD. Of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jobs said: “I wish him the best, I really do. I just think he and Microsoft are a bit narrow. He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”

The connection has enough weight that Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who first synthesized (and took) LSD, appealed to Jobs for funding for research about the drug’s therapeutic use.

In a book interview, Jobs called his experience with the drug “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” As Jobs himself has suggested, LSD may have contributed to the “think different” approach that still puts Apple’s designs a head above the competition.

Jobs will forever be a visionary, and his personal life also reflects the forward-thinking, alternative approach that vaulted Apple to success. During a trip to India, Jobs visited a well-known ashram and returned to the U.S. as a Zen Buddhist.

Jobs was also a pescetarian who didn’t consume most animal products, and didn’t eat meat other than fish. A strong believer in Eastern medicine, he sought to treat his own cancer through alternative approaches and specialized diets before reluctantly seeking his first surgery for a cancerous tumor in 2004.

9. His fortune
As the CEO of the world’s most valuable brand, Jobs pulled in a comically low annual salary of just $1. While the gesture isn’t unheard of in the corporate world  — Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt all pocketed the same 100 penny salary annually — Jobs has kept his salary at $1 since 1997, the year he became Apple’s lead executive. Of his salary, Jobs joked in 2007: “I get 50 cents a year for showing up, and the other 50 cents is based on my performance.”

In early 2011, Jobs owned 5.5 million shares of Apple. After his death, Apple shares were valued at $377.64 — a roughly 43-fold growth in valuation over the last 10 years that shows no signs of slowing down.

He may only have taken in a single dollar per year, but Jobs leaves behind a vast fortune. The largest chunk of that wealth is the roughly $7 billion from the sale of Pixar to Disney in 2006. In 2011, with an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion, he was the 110th richest person in the world, according to Forbes. If Jobs hadn’t sold his shares upon leaving Apple in 1985 (before returning to the company in 1996), he would be the world’s fifth richest individual.

While there’s no word yet on plans for his estate, Jobs leaves behind three children from his marriage to Laurene Jobs (Reed, Erin, and Eve), as well as his first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

The Mystery Of Full Moon!!!

Success can be skeptical….It raises beyond the far boundaries of Human imagination…We keep running behind it only to realize later that “SUCCESS”-this seven letter word does not come easy to anyone…I realized it quite late in my life…But the most important thing is that Experiences teach us Things that No Book In this world can ever do…

I would not say,that I was some great scholar or genius(or anything comparable to Einstein or Newton material)…But having the required percentile for Science Group had actually narrowed down all my options…I was confused…Utterly confused about what to do about my Life…I was on absolute dead end…Having passed out from the safe confines of School life (which I still miss very much…Because School was like Second home to me:( )…Suddenly I found myself in world with all unfamiliar faces…Before I could register in the shock of being hassled into the Science group(which I absolutely loathed)…Two years were gone…I was so lost in those two years trying to comprehend with the changes in my SO-CALLED-NEW-COLLEGE-LIFE,that I almost forgot what studies meant(literally speaking,I lost my mind)…The only thing that I learned in those years was what PEER PRESSURE IS…Trying to stick my nose behind the most talented and biggest Geniuses from the city…I could not carve my own niche….I felt like outcast…

I was constantly compared to the Innumerable brains in my class…I need to say this,that Comparison in no way is encouraging…They just make you ponder all the more about your capabilities and make you wish that you were not what you are…But were someone extraordinary…Someone out of this world…You wish for that magic wand which will swipe out all your problems with one stroke…But reality strikes in hard way…Success counts on HARD WORK…No magic can complement our own ability…The only problem is that we as individuals are not aware of our own abilities…We give too easily to peer pressure..try to mold ourselves like the others….In this process…We lose the “Real Person” that we are…We disappoint not others but ourselves!!!!

Hmm…so the completion of those two years did not bring joy..But only bought in more agony…The agony of my FUTURE PROSPECT…Because I was at loggerheads…Now I had two options…Either to listen to what my parents had selected for me or decide my own future course on my own…But did I have the guts to stick to my own guns…The worst thing in life is being uncertain about the “Things that you REALLY WANT in your life” and “Things that you don’t”…I too was unsure…Of whether I should listen to my parents or my Heart…I choose the course which excited me…..rather the one that my parents had chosen….But only making the right choice doesn’t count….You need to make things work….That was where I went wrong….I thought my responsibility ended with taking the decision….What a Fool I was!!!!

Three years down the line…Again I proved to be utter failure….What utter shame,my parents thought….They found this opportunity very enticing to point out…that I had made the decision of choosing profession that they never thought was good enough for me…..Again I did not know where to head from here….Life seemed a puzzle…where I had complicated things for myself…I did not understand the intriguing complexities of the Book called “LIFE”….Pondering around with questions in mind…..with no answers….I sat on my the rooftop….Staring at the night sky….and  looked for around for answers to all the questions in my life….

That was when I realized that the answers to my questions was right there hanging majestically in the sky…..THE FULL MOON…from the time I was a kid,I had been enchanted with the beauty of the moon…But I never knew that the moon held answers to my questions…There it was shining in the sky in all its glory….mesmerizing me as always…

As a child…I had always fantasized about the Moon…..Like any normal kid…I would keep staring the at the moon from the window while traveling and wonder….Why is the Moon following are trail???……At times,I used to ponder why the moon keeps on becoming small and small until it finally vanished from the sky ….There might be quite scientific lot of scientific reasons available for these childish questions….But the only fact that has not changed in all these years is that I still very much love the moon….The glow and beauty of the Full Moon is unprecedented….Nothing can stand up to it….May it is the best example of beauty which despite not being completely flawless…strikes out as the imagination of many poets and their poems…. But never had I thought that the moon stands as  the answer to dilemma….

I was just siting and watching the full moon glow in all its glory…when I suddenly remembered that just few days back the moon was just half the size it is now…But then now it has grown to its full size….This just made me realize that the two most important lessons in my life-

1)Nothing in this world is persistent forever….The moon has to complete 14 days cycle to regain its past beauty once it passes its last quarter phase and ends up being invisible on the New Moon….That day,the New Moon became a symbol of bad endings for me…..Like all good things do come to an end…all bad things do so…Whenever one way closes…another way opens up….There is no such thing as dead end in this world….Everything is just a periodical cycle going through phases of LIFE….

2) Secondly that like the Moon declines in shape and then comes back to its full size….Ups and downs are certain in life….But it will never be like that you will only have down fall….You can rise above the problems…Only that Inner Fire is needed…which will drive you all the  way to the top…..Determination is required….well,it is known fact that those few baby steps will always be required before you finally learn to  walk on your own…..

So,I got back again….Almost like the phoenix from the ashes…This time I was determined to make something out of my life….Two years down the line,now I’m PhD research scholar…. I’m thank full enough to myself for sticking to my own decisions rather than giving up to my parents choice or getting sucked up in peer pressure….I don’t regret my past decisions now…..Because finally I made something out of my life and made  my parents proud as well…Today,I’m at the place where I have the liberty to choose the way I wana live my life….So the only advise…(actually advise sounds so cliched)so I guess this should be a humble request more so over to all my friends….that please don’t ignore the pleas of your heart…No matter where you go…and what you do and what you are….Your heart will always know know what is right for you…Be unique in yourself…Never give to the ball game of Peer pressure….Do that which suits you best….Because in the end…Your so called friend from whom you may feel major complex may be the most popular or the most successful….But he or she can never be YOU!!!!!….LOVE THYSELF AND THE WORLD WILL RESPECT YOU!!!!!…..Because the world respects only those few who have the vision and the guts to stick to their own conventions and rules….:)

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

The Broken Pieces….

It is human tendency that we think of all possible ways to increase our agony more…When we are already very much agonized….Instead of thinking of solutions for the problems,we love to take on the blame and keep kicking things that would in no way help to solve the problems…

The same was situation at Ram’s home….He had invested all of his earnings in this new venture…His dreams of so many years…To have his own business…To be His own Boss…To be not the employed…But the EMPLOYER…But now all this was impossible…because his dreams had crashed down like the pile of cards…Because he didn’t know that dreams are meant be recognized…But with great caution and planning…This was where He went wrong…so very wrong…Because He believed in the wrong people and invested at wrong place…Those people took away not just Ram’s money…But also his confidence!!!

So now that everything was gone,Ram had nothing left but to sit and blame himself for his belief…Which had failed so miserably,that was something which he could not accept….Like everyone else,the first thought that came to his mind was to commit suicide…But then he looked at his old parents and thought that by killing himself…He could not punish them,for his mistakes…But then what else could he do…He sat down in the corner of dark room and refused to come out…He refused to eat…Because he felt that after failed so miserably…He had no right to do that…He had failed all….

That was when he felt a soft hand on his shoulders and heard his favorite voice…The voice that he loved the most…” Ram,You have grown so frail…You don’t eat properly…What is this thing that you new age boys have against food…You people work so much that by the time you are settled..You look 50 years old”…Then she stroked his hair and smiled…Ram could not take it anymore….He hugged her and cried out loud…” Now,don’t cry…I know,I’m abit late…I had promised that I’ll come when you start with your new venture…But I could not…I’m sorry…You know about the old man at home…He may be grandfather now,but if I’m not home…He won’t survive a day…Your aunt come down to stay for week…So finally,I could get rid of Old Man”…She laughed..

Unknowingly,Ram found himself smiling….” Come on,Grandma…You will never stop mocking Grandpa…How is he?”…”He is all good…Must be even better now…because I’m not home to stop him from eating sweets…I don’t understand how to get rid of his cravings for sweet nothings and increasing his insulin levels…Tell me dear,what all is happening at your new office?”…That was when Ram could no longer stand looking into her bright eyes.” Grandma,I failed…I did a big mistake…I failed miserably…I have failed you all…Father,Mother and You of all”….” It’s all right,Child….One mistake is allowed for everyone…If you don’t do mistakes,how will you learn”…..

“No,Grandma…It’s my mistake…Father had told me beforehand that I should not invest before knowing well all the details of the venture and the people involved…How could I fail father with all the hard earned money of his life and also mine…He had so much faith in me…I failed so badly…What will think of me..The society will call me a FAILURE…But may be that’s right…I’m not good for anything…I’m such a big Waste…No one will ever trust me again…All my dreams have shattered…I’ll never dare to Dream again”….For that Grandma said nothing more and walked away….Ram watched her walk away slowly from the room and glanced down….He knew no way out of this…

That was when he suddenly heard clash outside….Something had fallen down and strung all along…Then he heard his Grandma’ s sober cry…Ram instantly ran out and found on the floor….Broken pieces of his favorite blue vase…and nearby his Grandma sat down and was sobbing…” I’m so sorry,Ram..I didn’t do it knowingly…While i was coming out…I knocked it out by mistake…I’m so sorry Ram…I broke your favorite vase…Oh God…I’m such an Old Shack…Can’t even look while I’m walking…Forgive me,Ram…No,I don’t think you will forgive me…That vase was your Fathers gift….You cherished it so much…You will never forgive for breaking it…Oh,What shall I do???”

Ram sat down,wiped her tears off her cheeks and held her hands….” Grandma,It’s ok…That vase is not more important than you…Why will I get angry on you…I know how much you love me…I know you must have done it unknowingly…You will never do anything to hurt me…It’s just glass vase,it was bound to be broken…because Glass is fragile…Don’t cry Grandma…I’ll get a new vase before Father finds out that this one is broken…Please don’t cry…I can’t see your tears”…and gave her tight squeezed hug…

That was when Grandma looked up and said “You are clever boy…When you all this…then what were you crying for some time before??”…Ram looked at her surprisingly….” Hmm,just as crying for this broken vase won’t get the pieces plastered together…in the same way,crying on mistakes won’t make them right…or solve your problems….When you can think of getting new vase and replacing the broken one before your father finds out…then are you so weak or dumb that you can’t find a a way out of this problem…There might be many people responsible for your success…But for your failure…Only you are Responsible.”

” When your Father held your hands and was teaching you to walk…You had fall down at times,If he left your hand…But did that stop you from learning how to walk???….Failures are lessons…from which You learn how not to commit those same mistakes again…Failures are meaningful chapters of your Life…Because unless You see failure…You forget how to respect Success….It’s God’s way of reminding you,that you should not let success go into your head…So,my Child…stop blaming yourself for your mistakes and learn from them…Make yourself so strong and sensible,that no one again dares to fool around with you…Never think that because of whatever has happened your Father will stop trusting you…We all love you alot…We will always stand by you in all walks of life…Don’t bother how much others trust you or what society will think of you…Just live for yourself…Trust your instincts..They will never fail you in any way…”

Ram didn’t know how to react…His Grandma had just taught him the most important lesson he ever learned…”You are right…I was running away from my problems,rather than facing them…But not anymore…I won’t give up so easily…I strive again and rise like the phoenix rises from its own ashes….Nothing can lower my self esteem now..Thank you,Grandma….What will I do if You were not here”

On that Grandma smiled again and replied ” You are just like your Grandpa….He also grumbles alot…Then I have to try something like this broken vase to get him back to his senses…Practice makes even WOMEN perfect…Doesn’t it???….Then she laughed out like she always did…When she was most happy….Ram felt warmth seeping through him…which he knew would give the all the strength he needed…To get all things back on Track!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

It was the Day that everyone in the world is afraid about…RESULTS…This seven letter can rip the souls out of Your body in no time…Make you Feel as if Hell was next Door..I was afraid…Not of what might come in my Results…But what my Future may hold for me…Depending on what My results WERE LIKE!!!

Then the dreaded hour stuck….The results were available online…I typed in my Roll number…In utter MISERY…That was the moment when I felt my two world’s merge together…One where i could see light and the other which was full of….DARKNESS…The scroller was going in circles…I felt like my Head was spinning…Round and Round and Round…Then my results were there on the screen…I watched aghast..As if I had seen some ghost from my Distant Past…

95%….I jumped off the chair…Leaping around,My joy knew no bounds..I called all my family members and showed them the results…I saw the pride in their eyes…My Father gave me the biggest warm hug and said He was proud…He had tears in his eyes…My Mother just did not know how to React…Because She was from a Generation…Where women were never allowed to go to school..let alone get educated…So getting such marks was out of question…My Uncles went berserk telling everyone in the society that there niece had got top score(if allowed maybe,They would have written this on society notice board as well…I’m glad that they never took these EXTREME MEASURES)My aunts followed suit(Taking our Indian mindset that Husband is always right…A BIT too seriously)…They called up each and every Contact on their mobiles(ask me about the misuse of technology and waste of money)…To announce to them The biggest Happening News of the Millennium!!!

Well this was just the beginning of My Ordeal…It said that Family comes together in bad times…Mine also do…The only problem was that They come together to get those so called “Bad times” for me!!!!….Everyone searched up all the websites(the one’s available and also the one’s unavailable in frantic attempt…Thinking that If they searched for that site without leaving any stone unturned…May be that site will appear out of no where….I don’t blame them…I blame Shahrukh Khan for this…Remember that dialogue from Om Shanti Om)

Hmm…So this was it…It was that day,I realized many things very clearly…The first thing being That…Parents and Relatives are biggest Dreamers in this World…The only difficulty being that They never dream for themselves…but for their KIDS…What they dreamt of becoming….But could not become..They hope their children to become that….So the popular mentality prevalent in Indian Society is that If You are Boy….You should become ONLY Engineer…While if you are Girl…Your only option is to become Doctor(This is what I call Real Gender Bias)…But the only thing that I FAIL to understand is that if all gals borne in India were to become doctors ONLY…How will we get all patients for them…If all guys were to become Civil Engineers ONLY…Where the hell is that much space in India for all of them to have their constructions brought from paper to reality….The answer is BIG ?????….

Right…So getting back to me…My parents and everyone else finally decided that I should become Doctor…For the first time…I could see My dreams down the dungeon…Because being A doctor was not something that I really Dreamt of…The castle of My dreams came crashing down…That Day I understood what is feeling which everyone calls…Depression….I wanted to shout at all…Tell them,That I was not interested in becoming Doctor…I just got up and walked up to my Room..fell down on my bed…and cried…I don’t remember for how long….

It was then…That I got call from my friend.” Hey Riya…Congrats Gal..95%…AWESOME…So when is Treat…Hey did u tell your parents about SACON”….I grasped for breath…I felt like I could not talk anymore.
” They want me to be Doctor”…”So what’s the big deal about it….After your Ph.D…You will be Doctor,Riya”….Trying to make my friend Savi to understand something was like,breaking my Head in front of Stone….”You are not getting it Savi..They want me to be real Doctor…Hospital types..Surgeon,gynecologist….Are you getting my Problem”….

Then again I started sobbing…”Riya,Dear….Don’t Cry…Please Talk to Your Parents…Tell them You want to be Wild life Activist…They will understand,Dear”….It was then that I started sobbing even more…”No,They will never understand…God…why did I ever get this thing in my head…I had so many dreams…I wanted to research rare species of animals in Indian Forests….Find out the reason of their dwindling numbers….Do my BIT….To save them….But I don’t think anyone in my family will ever let go near any jungle…Let alone do Research….What should I do,Savi…I can never be what I wanted to be”….Tears flew down more…As I could not speak,I switched off my mobile….Only to turn back and find my Mother standing at the door of My Room….

She looked at me and that little faint smile..which She always gave…When as kid…I did not listen to her and persisted for Ice-cream(which Of course,Gave me cold)…But that day…I saw in her smile,weird understanding..As if She had just understood everything without me telling her anything (but that’s every Mom special department…I often wonder If all Mother’s in the world are Born with Gene…Which gets Switched on…Only When their Children are in trouble…Mom’s are the best Troubleshooter’s in the World)….That Night was big celebration at home…Only I did not enjoy it..I felt so dizzy that,I went off and dozed off to sleep..To get required strength for next day’s ordeal….

Only morning did not turn out to be ordeal…Because when I woke up and stretched my arms to hit the screaming alarm off…I felt a paper…I woke up all startled and hastily read that paper…Only to find that it was Downloaded application Form for “Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History’s Integrated Ph.D program”….I jumped out of my bed…and rushed to the hall..where My Dad was siting on the couch,having his morning coffee…When he saw me…He gave that odd smile…which he always did…When he found out that I had stolen sweets when Mom was not there in the kitchen…

I rushed to him and give him a hug…He laughed and said “Hope my Little Princess is Happy now…Well…Let me guess…That twinkle in Your Eyes says it all…But why You didn’t tell me this before…Afraid???”….I lowered my Head and nodded…He laughed again as if I had told him the best Joke….”When you were born and I took you in my arms…I felt as if the whole world was in my arms…When you smiled,I felt like I was on top of the world…You are the best Gift in my life…That moment,I had promised myself…That your wishes will always come before mine…Yeah,it’s true that I would have felt proud If you became a Doctor…But I would never be glad if You did it half heartedly..I’ll feel equally happy in Whatever You do…Provided You are satisfied…We were and will always be there for you,My little Princess.”

“Whatever may happen…Whatever may be the situation…Always Listen to that little voice in Your Heart…YOUR INNER VOICE…Trust it more than anyone else..Because it knows what is best for you,Your inner voice will never fail you…We may not be there for you Tomorrow…But Your heart will always be there for you…AT THE RIGHT PLACE AND RIGHT TIME…Learn to take decisions for your own well being dear…Trust no one else…But Yourself…Because if You don’t…You will be lost in that crowd outside…Do what You enjoy the best….Remember,the most important thing is to Live your Life…Not Pretend to be alive….Your Soul should be in your work”

I cried again when Dad said this….But only this time…It was in happiness…That’s when,I saw from the corner of my eye…My mom was standing behind my Dad….again Smiling….I knew instantly…That even now…She must have understood my UNSAID WORDS!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

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