Wherever You go….

My Hearts follows Your Trail,

My love you know,

You are my Life’s Grail…


I miss you when I’m awake,

You creep in my dreams,

My emotions are not fake,

You are my absolute Gleam!!!


Every time….I try hard,

To forget you forever,

But every time…. I get charred,

Will I forget you ever???


I wish to run away,

From memories…so strong,

But they always stay,

Making me feel so wrong….


When You were with me,

I did not know your worth,

Now….I’m lost in a Sea,

You are my biggest Dearth…


When I rejoice,

Why do I recall you???

You are still my Inner voice,

A cold wind of sorrow blew!!!


Will you come back ever,

My Heart asks forever,

Wherever You go….

My heart follows your trail!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian