When I grow Old,
Life may not be Gold,
But With Your hands in Mine,
Joys will never decline!!!

I may not be that pretty,
Or may be not even that witty,
But even in Old Age,
I’ll be in Your Heart’s Cage!!!

My feet may go Weak,
Your support,They will Seek,
I may not see things Clear,
But You will my Eyes,My Dear!!!

My Face may have Wrinkles,
For me,Still Your eyes will Twinkle,
My Hair may become all White,
But for you,That will be Twilight!!!

I may not be able to speak,
Still happy moments,We will sneak,
Our Children may be Away,
But together We will Stay!!!

I may forget things,
My memory may turn blur,
Life will complete it’s Ring,
Your warm Hugs will be my Fur!!!

You will be my only Song
Can’t stay apart for Long,
Reliving Bond really Sweet,
My heart will still skip a Beat!!!

When I grow Old,
Life may not be Gold,
But By being on your side,
Life will always be Joy-Ride!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian