Whenever I look around the world….I find myself face to face with many questions….I thought may be I should share these questions with you all….May be someone from all those who read this post may have the answers to these questions….

Why so many around the World die of Hunger....While Rich People DON'T even know the meaning of the word HUNGER????

The question stands in the picture itself....Take a look and think!!!!

Thank God....They didn't kill the first female foetus....But if this continues will Human Race become extinct????

You must be getting nightmares on how to convince your son against the new toys that he has been shouting his lungs out….But for some going to SCHOOL itself is a DREAM???

It is known fact that Cancer can be cured if detected in first stage....then why are we so careless about our own lives????

Ecstacy it is no doubt....But do we really need such an ECSTACY????

I had always had this doubt.....How can anyone be be cruel to a kid????

Don't we know the ill-effects....Still why do we go to the extents when we know that we are going to fall???

She is your mother,sister and daughter....But why a wife is always considered a DOORMAT????

Why does it happen that when famous personality dies….the world mourns for him….AND FORGETS ALL THE ABOVE QUESTIONS….Why don’t we ever shed a tear or so for people affected by the above mentioned evils…..Will this all ever come to an end???