When I was a Kid,
Did anyone Have,
The dare to Forbid,
I was my Dad’s Princess,
My Every Will and Wish,
Being a Success!!!

Those were the Best Days,
When I had my own cute ways,
With Mom’s love and hug,
Life was all smug!!!

When Dad was my horse,
Riding on him High,
Life was not coarse,
Dreams were My best Buy!!!

When only things broken,
Were Soft little toys,
Friendship was best token,
With no idea of evil ploys!!!

When drinks were,
Nothing more than Lime juice,
Unknown was the BEER,
Common things being put to Best Use!!!

When the absolute Luxury,
Was Grandma’s Story,
When there was no Fury,
Being together was all GLORY!!!

When Good-bye meant,
We’ll meet Tomorrow,
With picnics in Tents,
And no knowledge of Sorrow!!!

Today I’m so far away,
I feel alone,
Because I’m not Home,
Life has gone all Astray….

Those were the best days,
When I had my innocent ways,
My Heart yearns for Them,
When Family was Life’s Stem!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian