The best feeling in the world is to FALL in love….better than that is to be loved in return….A person in love is not on cloud nine but on cloud twelve or may be even twenty….Dreaming and rejoicing every moment of being in Love…..Everything around suddenly seems so nice ( Even that disgusting neighbor next door whom you might have loathed for as long as you have known her and hated her existence)….But when you are in Love,even such aunties and all other things that disgusted you,will melt your heart….If you have loved someone from the core….then surely “I Too Had Love Story” will bring tears to your eyes and rib your heart out…..

The novel brings you to real life incident from the Author Ravinder Singh’s life…..where he narrates his heart wrenching story of “Having loved and Lost”….The story starts off on breezy note where Ravin goes to meet his college buddies Amardeep,Happy and Manpreet…All four friends had not met after graduating from their college and were meeting up at Happy’s place….After catching up on all the good old times….The four friends sit together and discuss their future….In prospects of MARRIAGE….when Amardeep suggests the use of matrimonial sites like for the perfect match….Although the remaining three laugh off the topic….the idea strikes a cord with Ravin….After his friends go back,one fine day when he is all alone and workload is less….Ravin creates a profile of himself and starts checking out gals profiles on the site…..Many weeks pass by,but Ravin never gets any positive feedback….

Absolutely fed up….Ravin gives up the option of finding the perfect gal for him on this site…..When suddenly one day he gets a message from a gal named Khushi who tells him that she had seen his profile and wanted to talk to him….Their casual talks about their interests,their likes and dislikes….leads to conversations day in and night out….Ultimately,Ravin become Khushi’s “Shona”…..THEY ARE IN LOVE….The author then takes you on a joy-ride where you get to actually feel their happiness and togetherness….Their Love in times of distress….Their arguments…..the sweet nothings which get them back together….Their love for the rain….Being miles away and without even seeing each other…..Both of them are madly in Love…..

The story takes a twist when Ravin has to suddenly leave for U.S because of some important work….The thought of 11 weeks of separation takes such a a big toll on them….That both decide to meet up before he leaves….So,Lover Boy flies all the way to Faridabad to meet his Lady love….The author manages to keep curiosity levels up as to how will Khushi look….How will their first meeting be…. until he finally lands up and we become witness to their first meeting….From here,starts their Love Story with new characters added in….Now in the picture,we are acquainted with the family memebers on both sides….You rock with happiness when finally everyone at Khushi’s home accepts him as their future son-in-law…..In between we are given a candid sneak peak in run away incident where both Khushi and Ravin lie at Khushi’s home so that they could go out together and have some moments of togetherness….but get caught instead….But their love shows when Ravin’s takes the entire blame on himself and saves his better half (which he himself mentions many times in the novel…because he considers Khushi not his girlfriend…But his wife)…..

Ravin leaves for U.S and despite having difficult schedules…both of then squeeze time out to be with each other….By talking whenever possible and having sleepless nights at times….Then the ordeal ends and Ravin comes back…You can actually feel the joy that Khushi experiences and can’t help being a part of it….Ultimately,the day arrives when both of them are about to get engaged….You can feel the ecstasy of all the celebrations on swing for the engagement going on….Khushi is going mad thinking of getting engaged to the Man of her Dreams….Ravin actually manages to take you straight to the scene as if you are actually there….

Then suddenly tragic strikes in….Like all good times comes to end….Ravin’s most beautiful dream crashes and get shattered….A day before the engagement,Khushi meets with an accident….Despite all attempts by Ravin and their Family members and despite all their prayers….She succumbs to her injuries….The last part of novel attempts look down on Ravin’s life….who still is trying hard to forget her….The last incident in the novel touches your heart when Ravin’s is in garden sitting beside a mother….who is watching her little girl play on swing….When the girl falls down,the mother shouts little girl’s name….on which being unable to resist himself….Ravin rushes to help the girl….and feels good on seeing that the little girl is all right….It is when he asks her mother the girl’s name once again to confirm if he heard it right….The mother confirms the name….Khushi…..

I know….we must have read many stories with similar endings where lovers get separated….But I just loved the emotions that the Author has poured into the story….Only a person who has truly loved and lost will understand this pain….If you are looking for a book,that gives in to a fresh breath of air….”I Too Had A Love Story” should be high on your list….Come and fall in Love….Because there can never be better tribute to your Loved one than to make her Name so Famous….that everyone remembers and loves her as much as You did( It’s not necessary that every lover has to built in a TAJ MAHAL for his beloved)……even a simple expression of love like this book is enough to last for lifetime…..Ravin has done it for Khushi!!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian