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The Feeling that is….Love!!!!

The feeling that is….Love,

Unparalleled and Untouched,

The World seems above,

With our hands clutched!!!


I feel your presence,

Even in your absence,

Like the slow touch of breeze,

Why does my heart freeze???


The Red of the morning Sun,

The Violets of the Twilight,

Say that You are my loved One,

The star of my skylight!!!!


I can feel your smiles,

Even when I’m miles,

Your whisper…I hear,

Your laughs….I endear!!!


Life stands very still,

When you are not near,

It sends down a chill,

When you are not here!!!


Our times together,

In sorrows and joys,

Like the birds of same Feather,

Our memories are my poise!!!


There might be many dreams,

In this world all over,

But you are my Life’s extreme,

Like the white snow’s shower!!!!


My love for you is deep,

As color of the Dark Rose,

I’ll always be your steep,

Even if the time Slows!!!


The Feeling that is… Love,

Unparalleled and untouched,,

Your feelings…I’ll crate,

You are my Soulmate!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian



I wanted to hide my Heart,

All pain locked inside Tight,

I wanted to b forevr in Dark,

But u bought me to Light!!!!

You walked In,

When Everyone walked Out,

Through Thick n Thin,

Like a Shadow u stood Stout!!!!

Everyone just saw my Smiles,

But You heard my distant Cry,

We may b away by Miles,

But You l always be my life s High!!!

When You are Near,

There is no Fear,

Even If we are Apart,

You are a part of My Heart!!!!

Too many questions,

In My Mind,

If a True Friend like You,

I’l ever find????

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

I was walking down d lane,

When you touched my cheeks,

Only when I looked up to gaze,

It was Rains…Not You!!!!

The Soil smelled like Heaven,

The Sky was all filled with Colours,

I looked around for You…

But only memories Rocked me!!!!

I could see the Sun above,

Below The Sky was still Crying,

At a distance,I saw bow of colours!!!

But Saw Your Image there Instead!!!!

I had always wished,

That it Rains all d year around!!!

My love for you ws also

Forever…which ends NEVER!!

But now The Rains are gone,

May be I was Wrong,

Because You are also gone,

Like the RAINS,

Was my Love all in Vain???

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

The world seemed my domain,

When u were Here,

But now it seems a dream nt so near!!!

Everything was a success,

When u were Here,

But now failure is al that seems near!!!

Life was all about LOVE,

When u were Here,

But now even that feeling is not near!!!

You had promised me the sky

When u were Here,

But now even the land has skipped my grounds,


©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

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