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The Feeling that is….Love!!!!

The feeling that is….Love,

Unparalleled and Untouched,

The World seems above,

With our hands clutched!!!


I feel your presence,

Even in your absence,

Like the slow touch of breeze,

Why does my heart freeze???


The Red of the morning Sun,

The Violets of the Twilight,

Say that You are my loved One,

The star of my skylight!!!!


I can feel your smiles,

Even when I’m miles,

Your whisper…I hear,

Your laughs….I endear!!!


Life stands very still,

When you are not near,

It sends down a chill,

When you are not here!!!


Our times together,

In sorrows and joys,

Like the birds of same Feather,

Our memories are my poise!!!


There might be many dreams,

In this world all over,

But you are my Life’s extreme,

Like the white snow’s shower!!!!


My love for you is deep,

As color of the Dark Rose,

I’ll always be your steep,

Even if the time Slows!!!


The Feeling that is… Love,

Unparalleled and untouched,,

Your feelings…I’ll crate,

You are my Soulmate!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian


Innocence Lost Forever!!!!!

When I was a Kid,
Did anyone Have,
The dare to Forbid,
I was my Dad’s Princess,
My Every Will and Wish,
Being a Success!!!

Those were the Best Days,
When I had my own cute ways,
With Mom’s love and hug,
Life was all smug!!!

When Dad was my horse,
Riding on him High,
Life was not coarse,
Dreams were My best Buy!!!

When only things broken,
Were Soft little toys,
Friendship was best token,
With no idea of evil ploys!!!

When drinks were,
Nothing more than Lime juice,
Unknown was the BEER,
Common things being put to Best Use!!!

When the absolute Luxury,
Was Grandma’s Story,
When there was no Fury,
Being together was all GLORY!!!

When Good-bye meant,
We’ll meet Tomorrow,
With picnics in Tents,
And no knowledge of Sorrow!!!

Today I’m so far away,
I feel alone,
Because I’m not Home,
Life has gone all Astray….

Those were the best days,
When I had my innocent ways,
My Heart yearns for Them,
When Family was Life’s Stem!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

The sky was filled with mist.It had rained all night and the clouds had descended on the land.She sat on garden bench,looking towards the depths of water in lake facing the garden.The stone tiles of garden were all wet because of last night’s rains…So were her Eyes….But with Tears!!!!!

She glanced up and heaved a sigh…not one of Relief…But of Pain and clenched the pendant in her Hands more tightly.She wanted to stop…To stop crying…To Forget and Forgive…To allow the wounds to Heal…But memories kept lashing back like bad thunderstorms…She felt trapped…With no way to Escape!!!

“Why me…did I not love you enough…May be I was wrong…I did mistakes,all right…But does that mean You had to THIS???….WHY??…I have everything I want…But still I feel alone…Because You are not Here anymore”.She looked down again in the lake…But saw not her face..But His Image instead…His smiling Face..Holding hands…Only it was not her…But that of his WIFE!!!

She walked up to the bench again and sat down with heavy heart.She glanced up again and wanted to curse…Only she didn’t know whom to curse for all the pain that She was feeling…Finally she made up her mind…”God, Are You really there??? Do you Exist??? Or You just A word..If You are really anywhere in any part of the world…Come down here from Your Heaven…And answers my questions…If you have the guts for that???”

Again unable to control she laid her face between her hands and cried…Like crying was only answer available right now…Suddenly She heard footsteps…Soft little steps…Then she felt warm little hand on her shoulder…When she found the courage to glance up again…All that her tear filled eyes could see was a Little girl standing in front of her…With a Blue Umbrella,smiling at her.

“why are you crying???…Someone scolded you for eating chocolates or Ur Mom did not allow you to play in the rains???”….She didn’t know how to reply to little girl’s innocent query…She again looked down and replied “Nothing dear,Im not crying for all that…You would not understand…You are too small to understand My Pain!!!”

“Hmm…May be You are right…Even Mom says that I’m too small to understand things…Hey,how is my Umbrella…Blue is my favorite colour…Do You like Blue ah???”….Krisha gave a silent nod,unable to say anything more….”You know it was raining heavily last night…My umbrella got all wet…I forget to dry it…Then in morning Mom told me to rush down to grocery store…But my umbrella is still so WET”….Krisha didn’t understand why the little girl was so worried about wet umbrella…When her whole world was crashing down so badly!!!

“Why are you so bothered about umbrella being wet” asked Krisha….Girl replied ” Because if The water stays back in umbrella…It stinks…I hate that STINK”….Krisha only wondered as to why she was talking to this girl right now…At least not now…When all that she should be doing was CRYING…

That was when she felt little girl’s hand on her own hand ” Krisha,Your life is like the Umbrella…You made the wrong choice…chose wrong person…Like the umbrella takes on rain on itself….You took on the pains on yourself….But the most important thing is to dry umbrella…Let go of these memories”….while the girl said so,Krisha felt small thug on the pendant she held in her hands….” If u keep these memories locked inside…Then like umbrella…Your life will also STINK”…

Krisha suddenly saw up and for the first time saw the little girl…She had not observed but the little girl was really cute..with the best smile in the world….Krisha found herself smiling a bit…

She stood up and walked to the lake.Then she bent down and looked down…This time she could see her Face…She looked at pendant in her hand and then threw it into the lake…Suddenly She felt as if someone had taken a huge burden off her head…She felt light…At HEART!!!!

It was then that it suddenly dawned on her…” Hey but how did u know my name was Krisha…I never told you my name???””….She turned back to look at the girl…But the girl was not there…Only the morning mist flew past…Beyond that what Krisha saw was lying there on the garden bench…THE BLUE UMBRELLA!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

Are You The RAINS???

I was walking down d lane,

When you touched my cheeks,

Only when I looked up to gaze,

It was Rains…Not You!!!!

The Soil smelled like Heaven,

The Sky was all filled with Colours,

I looked around for You…

But only memories Rocked me!!!!

I could see the Sun above,

Below The Sky was still Crying,

At a distance,I saw bow of colours!!!

But Saw Your Image there Instead!!!!

I had always wished,

That it Rains all d year around!!!

My love for you ws also

Forever…which ends NEVER!!

But now The Rains are gone,

May be I was Wrong,

Because You are also gone,

Like the RAINS,

Was my Love all in Vain???

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

The world seemed my domain,

When u were Here,

But now it seems a dream nt so near!!!

Everything was a success,

When u were Here,

But now failure is al that seems near!!!

Life was all about LOVE,

When u were Here,

But now even that feeling is not near!!!

You had promised me the sky

When u were Here,

But now even the land has skipped my grounds,


©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

Who Are You Exactly????

Sometimes,I wonder…Who are u???

Sometimes,I wonder…Do u realy Exist???

Sometimes,I wonder…Where can i find???

Sometimes,I wonder…If I know u or not???

Some say That U r Ram,

Some say That U r Jesus,

Some say That U r Allah,

But which of these are U realy???

Some say That they are fighting fr freedom,

Some say That they are fighting fr Religion,

Some say That they are fighting fr Their Rights.

But which of these Do U support???

Eveyone says That U r evrywhere,

That U exist in one and all,

But then,Why people search for U,

In shrines and temples!!!

Everyone says That U only listens to,

Prayers and Offerings,

But If U r truly creator like a Mother is,

Then why These offerings and Sufferings!!!

Everyone calls you GOD,

But for me…U r MY SOUL!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

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